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Werner Eichhorn, Škoda: “All-new Superb is start of a new era for Škoda”Does Werner Eichhorn, Member of the Board for Sales & Marketing, have the best job in the world? Fact is, there's never been a greater moment...

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Werner Eichhorn, Member of the Board for Sales & Marketing at Škoda

Acquisition of GE Capital Fleet Services makes Element-Arval Alliance truly globalIts full name already had a worldwide ring to it, but one could argue that the Element-Arval Global Alliance has now gone truly global, by...

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Copyright: Element Financial Corporation

Dataforce: May 2015 brings mixed blessings for True Fleets across EuropeDataforce, provider of fleet market data and automotive intelligence solutions in Europe, published the latest figures of the car fleet market in...

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Michael Gergen, Account Manager International at Dataforce
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  • Even as manufacturers are launching more and more new models with alternative powertrains, fleet managers are still hesitant. They have many queries, about cost, TCO, driver comfort and residual value. These ultimately translate into one over-arching question: Are these new technologies right f...
    Do you know how much exactly fuel costs your fleet? To optimise your fuel costs, you need an integrated fuel management approach that takes in different elements. And that's what this IFMI webinar is all about. In this webinar titled 'Efficiency in Fuel Management', you will get insight in th...
    A checklist of fleet management steps to consider: from taxation to mobility, through driver behaviour, Big Data and telematics, fleet experts share their insights and look to the future of our industry
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