Global Fleet Webinar: How TCO differs across Europe, and why it matters

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Total Cost of Ownership, or TCO, is a central concept in fleet management. It unites all elements that bear upon the cost of a company car, from the start of the contract until the very end.

TCO is also a universal concept, valid in every market, however mature or not. But – and this is the tricky bit – TCO is not a fixed concept. The elements of TCO are volatile and market-specific. Even within Europe, the definition of TCO varies. And as it has evolved over time, so TCO will continue to change in the future.

To understand the subtle but crucial differences in Europe's TCO landscape, watch this unique webinar called How TCO differs across Europe, and why it matters.

The webinar's first speaker, Florinan Waldegger discuss the findings on TCO aspects across Europe's main markets, while Michael Pohl talks about using TCO as a management tool for international fleets.


Expert speakers:


Florian Waldegger, Key Solutions Leader International, GE Capital International





Michael Pohl, Senior Procurement Business Partner Fleet, Microsoft





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Wednesday, October 28, 2015 - 14:00Céline Gilson