Sebastian Fuchs: RMS Automotive transforming the Remarketing world

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“The mission of RMS Automotive is to transform vehicle portfolio management globally.”, says Sebastian Fuchs. His recent appointment as Senior Director of European Sales and Marketing and the launch of a .eu website in October point to the company's growing ambition in Europe.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Gerogia in the U.S., RMS Automotive, a Cox Automotive company, is expanding its’ global footprint, with offices in Germany, UK and Canada to continually support the growing needs of clients around the world. With nearly 30 languages and over 40 currencies currently supported, The RMS platform seamlessly integrates with its’ clients’ technology, enabling commercial consignors to manage the complete vehicle lifecycle, from new car build to used car sale, as well as enhance the value of their remarketing inventory.

“RMS services set the industry’s gold standard,” says Sebastian Fuchs, who joined RMS at the beginning of the year, after 14 years at Jaguar Land Rover, Hyundai, Europcar and Volvo, in executive roles focused on remarketing. “We’re driving an OEM migration and causing others to play catch up. This trend is reinforced by our recent wins and milestones with BMW, Honda, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Toyota, Volvo and others.”

How does RMS Automotive add value for its clients?
We deliver a software solution that enables our clients to manage their portfolio(s) across the complete vehicle lifecycle from new car build to used car sale. Our services deliver real-time integration with a client’s platform, faster remarketing time, reduced depreciation/cost of capital, improved residuals and reduction in wholesale losses.

Does RMS Automotive help or manage the actual selling process, or do you just offer the platform?
RMS provides VIN-specific recommendations for accurate vehicle pricing and inventory distribution across physical wholesale auctions. These services deliver real-time integration with a client’s platform, faster remarketing time, reduced depreciation/cost of capital, improved residuals and reduction in wholesale losses. And, it is all done though a single point of management which helps clients minimize risk and maximize ROI. RMS Automotive also leverages its connectivity to all Cox Automotive brands. This results in our clients having an expanded view of the automotive ecosystem and unequalled access to leading inventory solutions.

You want to change how cars are remarketed. Why and how?
The market is changing. Everything is going digital, moving faster. Yet a lot of our competitors are still stuck in the physical sales environment. On the contrary, we were born digital. We cut down on transaction times, deliver seamless processes to dealer and retail clients. That is essential for the remarketing strategy of any OEM, leasing company or rental company: it reduces days in stock and frees up capital. Our tool gives them the potential to check KPIs day by day, car per car. Automatically. That is a real differentiator.

What are your plans for 2017, and what is your strategy beyond this year?
Looking ahead, RMS Automotive will partner with OEMs to address the unprecedented volume of used vehicle inventory entering the market and engage more aggressively in upstream vehicle remarketing. This results in selling more cars in less time. RMS is coming off 2016 with tremendous momentum, and we are confident in our ability to further enhance velocity for our clients. Our goal is to build the strongest B2B platform in Europe and become the preferred integrator between brands, banks and markets.

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