Germany widens probe into Daimler for emissions violations

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As Germany widens its probe into possible emissions fraud involving Mercedes-Benz car engines, the brand's parent company Daimler says it will continue to push back against the allegations. 

In an echo of the 'dieselgate' scandal that engulfed Volkswagen a few years back – and that continues to reverberate across the industry – details emerged on Thursday that two diesel engines used in Mercedes models between 2008 and 2016 were being investigated by German prosecutors in Stuttgart, as part of an investigation opened in March. 

KBA, the German Transport Motor Authority, has now said it is widening its investigation to an extended range of models. The Authority also continues to investigate other carmakers for potential emissions violations. 

Last year, German automakers and the government agreed on a voluntary fix on 630,000 vehicles to upgrade emissions control. The Transport ministry has confirmed that Daimler is cooperating fully and that its cars do not face a recall. However, the news has already caused international concern. South Korea has ordered a probe into imported Mercedes cars. 

Some reports say up to one million Mercedes diesel cars risk having to be decommissioned because of emissions violations, reports Automotive News Europe.

Image: Daimler

Saturday, July 15, 2017 - 17:30Frank JacobsGreen and SafetyGermany
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