Get ready for the Remarketing of the future

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In the next few years, the remarketing industry will change – not gradually, but fundamentally. That change is the subject of the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum, on 5 December in Estoril, Portugal.

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a rapid, massive transformation. Driven by technology advances and cultural shifts, the industry is moving towards a shared, connected, post-fossil and autonomous future.

Change drivers

Remarketing is subject to the same drivers of change, and its future too will look a very different from its present. The outlines of a few major disrupting trends are already visible.

For one, the growing importance of online platforms in remarketing vehicles, and the resulting growth in cross-border remarketing. Or the mounting regulatory and fiscal pressure on diesel, still the preferred fuel for fleets – but for how long? And the growing popularity of usage versus ownership, leading to different consumer behaviours and remarketing patterns.

Mirroring the megatrends in automotive, the massive changes in remarketing amount to a paradigm shift that will confront remarketing professionals with a lot of challenges in the coming years. These challenges – and the opportunities they create – are the subject of the fourth annual Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum, which will take place in Palacio Hotel in Estoril, Portugal on 5 December, as tradition has it, one day before the annual Fleet Europe Summit and Awards.

Industry experts

The future challenges and opportunities of remarketing will be examined in a number of carefully honed sessions, featuring industry experts.

  • The opening session will provide a general overview of the current and future regulatory, economic and geopolitical situation, and its potential impact on remarketing.
  • The second session will delve into a few key challenging areas in which progress has been made, including cross-border trade issues and fair wear and tear guidelines; and others that need more attention, including mileage fraud, pan-European logistics solutions and EU lobbying.
  • The third session will focus on new B2C and B2E business models, fuelled by the progress in online remarketing, and their current and future impact on the business.
  • The fourth session shines a light on the shift away from diesel, the rise of alternative powertrains, and the impact of both on residual values.
  • In the final session, the focus is on innovation – and inspiration: the nominees for the International Remarketing Award will offer insight in their own business, and will share which other innovators in remarketing fascinate them.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 15:15Frank JacobsRemarketingEurope