Mobility concept from VW

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Having just announced that it is to electrify its whole range, Volkswagen has now revealed a move in the domain of mobility, with a concept car shown in Frankfurt.

The company says this represents a migration from a pure vehicle manufacturer to an integrated provider of hardware, software and digital mobility services. The concept for mobility of tomorrow combines fully automated driving at Level 5, electrification and digital networking. It permits simple, convenient, sustainable and safe mobility for everybody at the touch of a button.

The Volkswagen Group will achieve this vision within the concept of urban mobility and in numerous other vehicle concepts from sports cars, through luxurious touring saloons to lightweight commercial vehicles and trucks.

The carmaker is thus presenting ‘SEDRIC’ for individual mobility, and simultaneously a vehicle designed specifically for this purpose. SEDRIC's latest evolutionary stage presents the most recent advances in the areas of design, technology and digital networking alongside the potential for wide-ranging differentiation of the concept based on diverse usage scenarios and mobility needs. This is underpinned by the conviction that all-electric autonomous driving and comprehensive digital networking do not need to be limited to urban mobility.

“Our team is already working on ideas for an entire SEDRIC family. This will range from fully autonomous vehicles for the city, through luxurious long-distance mobility and spectacular sports cars, self-driving delivery vans and heavy trucks”, comments the Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen AG, Matthias Müller.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 09:45Tim HarrupCar ManufacturersEurope
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