Remarketing Forum 2017 focuses on transformational change

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Rapid technological progress, fundamental shifts in taxation and legislation, and deep social change are completely reshaping the Automotive industry as a whole, and the Remarketing sector in particular. However, while a lot of speculation and expertise is spent on the industry-wide change, the change in Remarketing – which will be equally fundamental – is rarely given the same amount of attention. 

The 2017 edition of the Remarketing Forum is about to change all that. The fourth annual edition of the event, organised by Fleet Europe, will turn the spotlight on the transformational changes that will shape the Remarketing of the future. It is a welcome and necessary exercise, for the future of Remarketing will not simply be a continuation of business-as-usual. 

The transformation of Remarketing will challenge those players who have not sufficiently prepared for it, and bring opportunities to those who have had the foresight to grasp the changes. To turn challenges into opportunities, join the Remarketing Forum 2017, on December 5th in Estoril, Portugal.

A quick rundown of the themes discussed over the five sessions planned for the day – jam-packed with learning and networking:

Session #1: The Big Picture
What does the future hold for international Remarketing? The opening session provides a general overview, in three parts:
→ A sketch of the economic, geopolitical and technological situation and evolution, and its potential impact on Remarketing. 
→ An insight in current and future EU policies regarding Co² regulations. 
→ An interview with both speakers, linking their presentations with the day's general themes. 

Session #2: Present and Future Challenges
Remarketing is a difficult, interdisciplinary and increasingly international industry. But the challenges this creates, can be met. 
→ Case studies of progress achieved by trade association CARA in cross-border trade and Fair Wear and Tear guidelines. 
→ An outline of 'deliverables' for which progress is still being made, including an EU-wide system for eliminating mileage fraud.
→ An overview of a few tougher nuts to crack, including the search for a pan-European logistical solution, and EU lobbying or the Remarketing sector. 

Session #3: Business Models of the Future
Technological progress has generated a shift from offline to online business models; and also from B2B to B2C and B2E channels. But is the reality as clear-cut as this?
→ Case studies will highlight the transition of B2B Remarketing to include B2C Remarketing; the rise and impact of sharing and private lease business models; and the tech-enabled increase in efficiency of B2E Remarketing. 
→ B2C/B2E business models may hold opportunities or warranty programmes and providers, with implications for traders, importers, auctioneers and large fleet owners alike.
→ Some players remain unconvinced of the potential advantages of wider business models, and will highlight the continued importance of the B2B core of their business. This session will conclude with a panel discussion on the pros and cons of the various models. 

Session #4: The future of fuel
Fuel preferences are changing, under the combined pressure of customer preference, legislative change and the slow but inexorable shift in cost balance between fossil and non-fossil powertrains. This has major implications for residual values – particularly of diesel cars. 
→ An overview of the fiscal measures currently influencing the choice of fleets for or against diesel, and other motorisations – with a prognosis for future development. 
→ An insight into the medium- to long-term strategies of manufacturers with respect to various powertrains, from diesel and petrol to electric, hydrogen and others.
→ The decline of diesel and its impact, now and in the future, on residual values.
→ Case study on OEM powertrain strategy.   
Session #5: Innovation and Inspiration
Be inspired to innovate! This session focuses on the nominees or the International Remarketing Innovation Award, to be presented later that evening. Each nominee will give a brief overview of their own product/service, and highlight two other innovative start-ups with relevance in Remarketing. It's a fun and informative way to get an overview of the wave of innovation that is transforming the Remarketing sector today and in the near future. 

Places for the Remarketing Forum 2017, part of the Fleet Europe Summit 2017, are limited. To ensure your attendance, register now!

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017 - 10:00Frank JacobsRemarketingEurope