Global Fleet Webinar: Seeking Fleet Management Efficiency in China

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From a western perspective, China's fleet market is both a huge opportunity, and a major challenge. This webinar offers fleet professionals with a global responsibility a unique opportunity to listen to, learn from two seasoned experts. 

Knut Krösche, Head of International Fleet, After Sales and Used Car business at VWFS, and Chris Tinajero, Global Category Manager at Ericsson present the major challenges to develop an efficiency fleet management in China.

  • Knut Krosche makes a SWOT analysis of Fleet Management in China from a global perspective. He also focuses on how an international fleet supplier can support fleet management implementation in China.
  • Chris Tinajero shares how Ericsson manages its fleet in Asia and in particular in China, providing insight in how to balance fleet management challenges in China in an international fleet strategy perspective. 

You will find in this video all the advices to apprehend the Chinese market opportunities, the world's hottest growth market.


Expert Speakers


Knut Krösche, Head of International Fleet, After Sales and Used Car business, VWFS




Chris Tinajero, Global Category Manager, Ericsson




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Wednesday, May 25, 2016 - 09:30Céline Gilson