IFMI Webinar: Diesel or Petrol ? Pick the right fuel for your fleet !

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Here's what's worrying fleet managers:

Governments across Europe are turning up the pressure on diesel vehicles, increasing taxes and toughening up environmental standards. These measures disproportionately affect corporate fleets,  a large majority of are diesels.

Urbanisation, alternative mobility solutions for fleets and environmental issues are moving the tipping point  where petrol becomes a more interesting option than diesel for all – of for some – company car drivers.

Here's the information fleet managers need:

This IFMI webinar shows that in most cases, diesel still generates the best TCO for fleet drivers. However, local taxes, driver behaviour and/or annual mileage can be factors in petrol being a better alternative.

Providing detailed insight in the correlation between fuel choice and TCO and presenting concrete examples of opportune fuel choices, both for petrol and diesel, are two experts: Tony Elliot, Global Fleet Expert (Nexus Communication) and Denis Férault, Head of Solutions Development and Consulting Lab (Arval). 


Expert speakers:


Tony Elliot, Global Fleet Expert, Nexus Communication 





Denis Férault, Head of Solutions Development and Consulting Lab, Arval




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Thursday, September 10, 2015 - 11:00Nicolaaas Delreeeez