Freeedrive helps drivers focus on the road

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Freeedrive is a B2B app solution for fleet managers aiming to reduce their driver’s distraction by smartphones when driving. All generations are concerned by smartphone use when driving, not just Generation Y but older ones too. For this reason Freeedrive is a valuable solution for every driver. Fleet managers can save their drivers’ life and up to 25.000 euros per year insurance costs for a fleet of 100 vehicles. Augustin van Rijckevorsel explains how as a driver you can now focus on the road and not on your smartphone’s screen.  


How did you developed the idea of Freedrive?

“The idea of free drive goes back one year in 2015, after noticing in that media like Le Monde and Le Figaro in France mention the increase of road accidents since 2015 because of smartphones. This conclusion is relevant also in other European countries where we see how hyper connectivity has an impact on driving and causes 23% of road accidents. I find out there was no solution available on the market for this problem, so I decided to do something about it. Safety remains a key issue for fleet managers, and our solution aims to help their company drivers.”

How Freedrive works concretely?

“Freeedrive app is available for iOS and Android. Fleet managers communicate internally to their drivers to install Freeedrive. Once the user has installed the app, when he’s taking the wheel the app launches automatically through Bluetooth connection, and pauses once the car stops and the Bluetooth deactivates. The driver doesn’t need to activate the app, all he needs to do is focus on the road. Also, it’s only the text messages and social sites information alerts that are blocked, not the phone calls.”

What can the fleet manager regulate with Freedrive?

“The fleet manager has a Frefedrive dashboard where he decides what is going to be accessible or not for the company car driver. Everything related to car connectivity remains operational. Just like MirrorLink if it exists in the car. Fleet managers can also decide if they want to authorize GPS all the time or only when there is a car docking smartphone station. Our system is not imposed, if a fleet manager wants to apply it or not depends on the company car fleet policy. Through the dashboard we notify directly to fleet managers about a driver’s unsafe behaviour or if a driver uninstalled the app.”

How this app respects the driver’s private life?

“Our app doesn’t follow the GPS of drivers. Once the connection operates we don’t know where the driver is located, we neither want to develop such a function for our app in the future. For us the first objective is drivers’ safety, not tracking drivers. In addition, the fleet manager can choose via the dashboard that the app isn’t activated outside office hours.”


Interview by Steven Schoefs.

Photo: Freefdrive app


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