EV-Box expands in Nordics

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EV-Box, a leader in electric-vehicle charging solutions, is expanding in the Nordic countries. An EV-Box team will be based in Denmark and Norway, and also operate in Sweden, Finland and Iceland. The team members have extensive experience in electric mobility and renewable energy, and will be looking to implement EV-Box’s fast- and smart-charging technology to the Nordics.  

The Nordic countries are especially interesting for EV-Box. Norway is a world leader in EV introduction, having recently celebrated the 100,000th full-electric vehicle on the road. Sweden's acceptance of EV technology is also rapidly increasing. Denmark and Finland are still a bit behind, but hopes are that they will pick up soon.

But even Norway is interesting: “Due to early EV demand, the charging infrastructure was not thought through, and Norway does not have smart charging capabilities. And yet that is crucial if it wants to keep ahead in EV adoption”, says Morten Rolighed Nielsen, EV-Box Business Development Director for the Nordics. 

“EV-Box's lead in upgrading the current infrastructure will not only benefit EV drivers, but also the facility owners – not just in Norway, but also in Sweden, Denmark and Finland”, says Kristof Vereenooghe, EV-Box’s CEO.

Founded in 2010, EV-Box has over 48,000 charging points in 26 countries and has now built an end-to-end charging solution, including charging cables and stations, and software and apps to leverage smart charging. EV-Box Nordics will launch officially at the Nordic EV Summit on 7-8 February in Drammen, Norway.

Image: EV-Box

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 - 14:45Frank JacobsSmart MobilityNordics
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