FEUF side presentations: the road to 2020

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Sixt Leasing, LeasePlan International, ARI, Volkswagen Financial Services and TecAlliance each shared their views on the road to tomorrow during a 20 minute presentation followed by a Q&A session.

Vinzenz Pflanz had the honour to kick off, presenting Sist Leasing’s view on three trends developing by 2020. Transparency is key, according to the CSO, just like strong IT tools and the focus on innovating mobility solutions with a limited contract duration. On average, a company car has a usage rate of just 5 to 10%, meaning that there is a considerable resource optimisation potential.

Saskia Harreman from LeasePlan International explained how to go about if you want to prepare for your Fleet objectives in 2020. Her enlightening presentation could be summarised as follows: you need the right people on board, a solid business case and a programmatic approach. Start by gaining insight through benchmarking, verify whether you have a business case, monitor your progress and make sure you communicate – these are the key takeaways.

Third up was Majk Strika from ARI, with his “Back to the future” approach of transparent and cost-effective Fleet management. According to the company’s MD Europe, outsourcing fleet management drives down cost and at the same time increases the service level, transparency, productivity and the internal customer satisfaction. Closed end operating lease should be a thing of the past in 2020, because it is a black box. An unbundled PAYG business model is what you need, he explained.

Knut Krösche from Volkswagen Financial Services talked about Future Feels of Mobility. He strongly focused on the need to integrate all services in the mobility universe, moving away from the TCO concept towards TCM. He sees Travel and Fleet becoming one entity, meaning that VW FS needs to widen its scope and incorporate multimodal travel management. Managing every move by any means of transport, providing one consolidated invoice: that is what lessors will need to do.

Finally, Alexander Haid, Head of Corporate Strategy & Projects, shed his light on the Caruso project. In response to the fragmented state of the current telematics aftermarket, this project wants to promote a standardised language so that OEMs and aftermarket suppliers can exchange data. In other words, Caruso is an independent aftermarket open data platform that provides functionalities to connect and administrate data.

Monday, November 21, 2016 - 11:30Dieter QuartierFleet ManagementEurope