Orange opts for e-Colibri

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Mobile communications group Orange has announced that it has opted for the ‘e-Colibri’ service for its car-sharing programme in France. This service is operated by Mobility Tech Green, and will be used in the 100 new vehicles acquired last year by Orange. Company employees will be able to reserve the car-sharing vehicles on-line or via a smartphone for the period of time they need to use them. By using this system, use of a company’s fleet is optimised, thus bringing down costs. Each solution is made to measure for the company or association involved. There is the option, for example, for companies to charge their employees for private use, and for on-way rentals, among other elements.

The e-Colibri system was launched 7 years ago for the city of Rennes in France, and has since expanded to various other cities in France, Switzerland and Belgium, where it is used for the Brussels programme ‘Zen Car’ (photo).

Friday, September 27, 2013 - 09:23Tim Harrup