State aid for charging points 'not illegal'

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There is good news for those wishing to see more electric vehicle charging points in order to boost the market. I a ruling which will please both consumers and public authorities aiming to cut urban pollution, the European Commission has stated that the 300 million Euros to be allocated by the German government to install more such charging points, does not amount to illegal state aid.

Germany has scheduled the installation of 15,000 charging points across the country, all using renewable energy, with 5,000 of these also being of the ‘rapid recharge’ type.

The European Commissioner with responsibility in the competition domain, Margrethe Vestager (photo), speaks of electric vehicles bringing real advantages to society, reducing noxious emissions and noise pollution. She also says that the German subsidy does not unduly interfere with competition in the single market.

(Image: dagospia)

Thursday, February 16, 2017 - 14:30Tim HarrupSmart MobilityEurope
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