10 Oct 17

Kapsch awarded contract for tolling system in Bulgaria

KapschTrafficCom has been awarded the contract to implement a nationwide tolling system in Bulgaria for trucks over 3.5 tons. The contract also extends to the introduction of an electronic vignette for passenger cars. The project will run for 19 months and comprise of the delivery and setup of 500 terminals for registering and issuing electronic vignettes, 100 enforcement vehicles, 100 weigh-in-motion facilities, and 100 tolling gantries in addition to a data centre and  back office. Kapsch TrafficCom has seven months in which to complete the infrastructure.

For the Bulgarian contract, Kapsch TrafficCom will be implementing the company’s proprietary, satellite-supported vehicle identification and toll collection system. The system makes use of on-board tracking devices which employ satellite technology to determine the position of the trucks and automatically collect the tolls.

Picture copyright: Kapsch

Authored by: Steven Schoefs