14 Dec 18

WeTrott' starts new scooter service for La Défénse

The French start-up WeTrott' is set to launch a pavement scooter sharing service in La Défense, the high-rise business district on the edge of Paris. During the second quarter of next year, WeTrott' is scheduling the installation of 52 stations in La Défense, with a total of 780 electric pavement scooters that can be used by the 180.000 people working in La Défense. 

WeTrott' will propose three subscription models for its service: 4 eur/hour without any commitment; 10 eur/month and 50 euro cents for 15 minutes; or 15 eur/month allowing to take home the scooter for 3 eur/night and bring it back recharged the next morning. WeTrott' has the ambition to expand the scooter sharing service in La Défénse to 110 stations in the coming years. 

Also in La Défense, the American micro-mobility company Lime has announced it's going to deploy 100 electric scooters in a free-floating service from 2019 on. 

Copyright picture: WeTrott'

Authored by: Tim Harrup