21 Feb 17

Autovista launches VIN check in France

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Eighteen months after introducing VIN identification in France and capturing 87% of the market, Autovista launches VIN check, further digitising and streamlining the VIN identification process.

VIN, short for Vehicle Identification Number, links the chassis number of a vehicle to a description of its specifics and options. Autovista has streamlined this information, leading to nearly 200,000 VIN consultations in France last year, by all types of automotive industry players: lease and rental companies, dealer groups, auction houses, manufacturers themselves, finance providers, etc. 

“In France, about 26% of used vehicles are underidentified at the moment of sale – which is a lot, considering that identification is essential for setting the right price”, says Dominique Descamps, who developed VIN check for Autovista. The application has allowed certain resellers to raise the price of some vehicles by as much as €700, after the VIN check revealed they had up to three times more options than established when they were acquired.

BCAuto Enchères, a leader in remarketing used vehicles to professionals in France, has taken on board VIN check, enabling it to prequalify 100% of the used vehicles it trades via VIN, and consequently set a correct price.  

“Eventually, we would like all used-vehicle transactions in Europe to be based on VIN”, says Dirk-Marco Adams, CEO at Autovista. “In Germany, the share of VIN-based used-vehicle transactions is already at 40%”. To achieve the general adoption of VIN identification, Autovista will push its VIN check solution to all sectors of the used-car trade. 

Image: Autovista

Authored by: Frank Jacobs