24 Mar 17

How Virtual Reality will help sell used cars

Man wearing virtual reality glasses
Online is rapidly becoming the standard environment for buying and selling used cars. But, as Auto Remarketing reports, that process does not end at your computer screen. Virtual Reality is the new frontier for remarketeers. 

Virtual Reality could allow customers to inspect the car they are interested in, and even take a virtual test drive. With 63% of U.S. consumers polled for The Future of Shopping, an eBay Advertising study, confirming that they are either likely or extremely likely to buy a car online and 87% saying they do their car-buying research online, suppliers are looking for next-level digital advertising. Virtual Reality may be it.
“As more consumers embrace automotive e-commerce, enhanced experiences like Virtual Reality will drive an even larger shift to online purchasing”, says Josh Wetzel, senior director of sales and marketing at eBay Advertising. 
No less than 43% of consumers surveyed for The Future of Shopping said they would like to try test drives in Virtual Reality (i.e. with a virtual-reality helmet). However, Virtual Reality is not part of eBay’s online services... yet. 
Authored by: Frank Jacobs