14 Feb 20

New single-seat autonomous vehicle unveiled

The wraps have come off a new autonomous vehicle that could serve as either a single-seater pod for a passenger or as a light commercial vehicle for last mile deliveries.

MOTIV was designed by a consortium that includes Gordon Murray Design, Delta Motorsport and itMoves. Its engineers say it meets European passenger car (M1) crash safety standards, while delivering substantial cost savings over rival autonomous vehicles.

The compact pod measures just 1.6m high, 2.5m long and 1.3m wide, giving it a compact footprint to navigate city streets. As a van it would have a load capacity of 1,100 litres, while as a single-seater it avoids the empty seats of most cars, acknowledging that the majority of people commute and drive by themselves.

Powered by a 20kW electric motor and boasting a range of up to 100km, MOTIV could be ready for market within two to five years.

Nick Carpenter, Engineering Director, Delta Motorsport, said: “We’ve demonstrated that the future of mobility is lightweight, battery-powered and private. The control systems integrated into the platform prove that electrified vehicles need not be heavy and cumbersome, but can be lithe, lightweight and energy saving.”

Authored by: Jonathan Manning