29 Apr 20

Tesla preparing pay-as-you-go for self-drive package

Could you soon be using Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) on a pay-as-you-go basis? That is not unlikely, because the option is written into the software suite’s source code, it has been revealed. 

Despite its name, Tesla’s FSD suite does not yet offer full, level-5 autonomous driving. The option does include lower-level autonomy features, such as Smart Summon and Navigate on Autopilot (with automatic lane changes). 

However, the combination of FSD’s limited scope and its premium price – $7,000 (around €6,500) when purchased with a new vehicle – has managed to convince only a very limited number of Tesla buyers. Furthermore, the package is likely to get more expensive as new features are added.

A pay-as-you-go subscription model would eliminate the need for a huge upfront payment, enhancing the FSD package’s appeal. Tesla drivers could pay for their vehicle’s autonomous functions only when going on a long trip, for instance – and turn off the subscription when back home. 

In April 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a favourable statement about the potential for an FSD subscription model in the past but refused to be drawn on an exact date for its implementation. 


Authored by: Frank Jacobs