15 Mar 17

Cut your fleet costs down to size with TMC

The secret to reducing fleet costs lies in mileage and fuel data.  Once you have accurate mileage records you can work out how your fleet, and indeed your drivers, are performing in terms of fuel efficiency (l/100Km).  This gives you the power to make informed decisions that will improve your fleet’s performance.

For many companies, collating and making sense of data across their whole fleet feels like an impossible task.  That’s where TMC can help.  Our award winning system uses technology to capture every business trip from every driver across every market.  We collate your fleet’s mileage and fuel data, flagging, investigating and solving any anomalies along the way.

We can also take in feeds from your fuel card and telematics providers to provide an even greater level of audit and reporting – for instance, we can check whether the vehicle was present when the fuel card was used.  It’s all very clever stuff.

We provide consolidated monthly reports in one currency (or more if you’d prefer!), giving you complete visibility and control.

You save time, money and gain full visibility of your fleet’s performance, enabling you to make further savings by optimising your fleet strategy based on robust information– including your real life cents per Km data.

Our international team works with companies across the globe operating fleets of company cars, LCVs, HGVs and grey fleets.

So, if you want to cut your bills down to size, talk to us. We’re TMC and our mileage capture and audit service alone typically reduces mileage claims by up to 17.2% after just six months.

More info: https://themilesconsultancy.com/