27 Apr 18

New horizons for Verizon

The merging of three fleet and mobile workforce management software companies has created a powerhouse in the world of telematics and connected vehicles with a strong international presence across 15 countries.

Verizon Connect combines Verizon Telematics, Fleetmatics and Telogis under a single brand. The company claims it represents the culmination of more than $5 billion in investments.

From a fleet perspective, Verizon Connect can now offer a one-stop shop for connected vehicle solutions to improve driver safety and operational efficiency.

For Sergio Barata, general manager EMEA of Verizon Connect and formerly of Telogis, the geographical reach and resources of the new group have instantly made themselves felt.

“Verizon Connect is immediately pan-European and the capacity to serve these markets is immediately there,” he said.

“Fleetmatics was a European business already, so it has strengthened our presence and resolve to develop in this market. Technical development has accelerated, too, because Verizon Connect wants to lead in these sectors.”

OEMs and cross-selling

The enlarged company is working with OEMs to deliver connected vehicle solutions, as well as with international and national fleets to offer a suite of telematics and management services.

The three businesses only came together in March, but Barata said there was already good evidence of them cross-selling each other’s services.

“We always presented Telogis as a platform that goes beyond the vehicle, highlighting what it can do for fleet operations and their supply chains,” said Barata.

“At Verizon Connect we have a very compelling solution for every sector of the market.”

Andrés Irlando, chief executive officer of Verizon Connect, highlighted the potential for the combined group’s technologies.

“We’re working with customers to maintain cold chain integrity and keep perishable items safe during transport, routing customers’ vehicles more efficiently to reduce emissions, monitoring vehicle diagnostics to improve fuel efficiency, and providing a gamification app that helps customers recognise and reward their safest drivers, just to name a few,” he said.


Authored by: Jonathan Manning