2 Apr 24

A true Maserati for fleets: the all-electric Grecale Folgore

As the first fully electric SUV in Maserati's history, the Grecale Folgore starts a new chapter for the Italian luxury car maker. One that will significantly raise the brand's appeal and potential in SME fleets across Europe.

What's in a name? Folgore means lightning in Italian and it represents a new breed of Maserati. Following the Granturismo Folgore, the Grecale Folgore is our second fully electric car. It has been conceived for fleet customers seeking to drive zero-emission without sacrificing performance, practicality, or style. It includes a 3-year warranty, a flexible maintenance package and complies with low- and zero-emission urban zones. 

Dressed for range and style

The Folgore version is easily recognizable from its combustion-engined stablemates by the inverted radiator grille, with a facia inspired by the top-of-the-range Trofeo version, and is specifically designed to cool the battery cells. To enhance aerodynamics and boost driving range (up to a fleet-friendly 500 kilometres, according to WLTP), the wheels feature a dedicated aero design. 

The choice for the Rame colour is also exclusive to the Folgore. Its copper-like shining is derived from modern architecture, in particular the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, a nod to the advanced and visionary nature of Maserati's first all-electric SUV.

This applies to the connected technology inside, as well. Whether it's the integrated smartphone connectivity, the crystal-clear displays (a 12.3-inch central screen and 8.8-inch instrument cluster) or the quick and ergonomic gesture controls to set up a convenient, ambient temperature, the Grecale oozes digitalization and intuitive. Assisted by the configurable head-up display in the windscreen, the driver can keep his or her eyes continuously on the road.  

All fun, no emissions

At the heart of the Folgore technology sits a battery pack with a capacity of 105kWh, supplemented with a 400-volt onboard network for a seamless charging experience. An air suspension is always standard. 

Despite the absence of tailpipes, the Grecale answers wholeheartedly to Maserati's reputed brand values. With a total output of 410 kW, it stands for blistering performance in a seductive package. In comfortable silence, this sporty SUV can accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and reach 220 km/h in one uninterrupted rush. Meanwhile, the all-wheel drive system ensures safety in both on road and off-road conditions. Numerous ADAS systems provide optimum protection. 

But the Grecale Folgore stretches beyond the driveline and meets your corporate sustainability goals. Maserati succeeded in transforming recyclizes into high-class materials. By recovering nylon waste from facia fishing nets and fabric scraps - from carpets, for example - the aesthetics of the interior are met by innovation and circularity. And though the Grecale is a contender in the compact SUV category, it bolsters best-in-class interior room on the front seats as on the backrest.  

Making charging a breeze 

Folgore customers can also enjoy access to 450,000 charging points across Europe, which can be located and planned for by smartphone and the Maserati Public Charging app. No extra subscription is required. On top of that, they can opt for Maserati's home charging solution, a wall box capable of a power supply between 3 and 22 kW.  

Ultimately, the Grecale Folgore is the epitome of modern Maserati and persuades by a low total cost of ownership whilst neutralising CO2 emissions. And this is just the start. by 2025 all Maserati models will also be available in a full-electric version, and the entire Maserati range will run on electricity alone by 2028.. The future is here. It's called Folgore

Thanks to the Maserati Charge application, Folgore customers can manage both home and public charging in a single touchpoint, making location, planning, and monitoring easy and seamless.

The main functions are:

  • Automatic battery pre-conditioning: to make the charging experience as efficient and fast as possible, Grecale Folgore is equipped with automatic battery pre-conditioning which is activated in proximity to an ultra-fast charging point. Preconditioning prepares the battery for the charging phase by adjusting its temperature, thus reducing charging times.
  • Maintenance of the passenger compartment temperature: the new Grecale Folgore is able to maintain the internal temperature of the passenger compartment when the car is off, thus preserving the internal comfort of passengers.
  • EV routing: Grecale Folgore helps the customer in travel planning. By knowing the battery conditions and expected consumption at all times, it can include any charging stops and optimize the total duration of the trip.
  • Dynamic range mapping: the maximum travelable distance of Grecale Folgore is displayed graphically on the map and is updated in real time based on the customer's charge level and driving style.

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Credit photo: Maserati