24 Apr 24

Fleet APAC Expert Meeting (FEAM)


Starting: 24 Apr 24 - 09:00


The total cost of running a fleet in Asia Pacific is less driven by tax breaks, deductibility and VAT recovery, as is the case in Europe. Therefore, APAC’s TCO is unique in its conception and so are Funding and Sourcing in the region.

The main elements of a APAC Procurement can be broken down as follows:

  • Acquisition: should a customer lease its vehicles, buy them or finance them?
  • Powertrain: the choice between a traditional ICE vehicle, or instead a hybrid or electric vehicle, has an important effect on the fleet’s TCO.
  • Running cost: different elements can influence the in-life cost of a vehicle. Examples are: downtime for maintenance or repair, efficiencies in route planning, driver training
  • Disposal: returning the vehicle to the leasing company, selling it on the second hand market or even selling it to employees – what happens to an end-of-lifecycle vehicle has an impact on the total cost of a fleet


will cover the aspects that influence the cost of running an Asian fleet. This can be either:

  • On a country by country basis
  • Regional or sub-regional

We expect the speakers to cover the TCO as a whole, or deep-dive into one of the elements. In either case, the objective is for the attendees to receive unique insights and tips to better manage their fleet in Asia Pacific

The Meeting will consist of

  • Expert Presentations
  • Fleet Manager Panel