Past event4 Oct 22

Global Fleet Managers Club Meeting


Starting: 4 Oct 22 - 16:00
Ending: 4 Oct 22 - 17:30

"How to manage Global Fleet Safety"

How safe is your company and how safe are your driver and employees? No one is against safety but putting in place an effective safety programme can be tricky, certainly on an international level. 
In most companies, regardless of where they are located, driving is likely to be the most dangerous activity employees undertake in the course of their working week. Risk levels may vary widely from region to region and country to country, but the human and financial costs of accidents and incidents are universally dramatic. No surprise then that many multinational companies are putting effort in establishing a global fleet safety programme. Implementing such a programme is fraught with difficulty, but there are common themes and guiding rules between successful programmes.  

Join our session of the Global Fleet Managers Club to get insight into the setup and rollout of a successful global fleet safety strategy.