Past event21 Mar 23

Global Fleet Webinar with Here Technologies


Starting: 21 Mar 23 - 19:00
Ending: 21 Mar 23 - 20:00

About this Webinar

Increase Efficiency in Your Routing and Delivery Software and Operations

If you have been thinking about how to increase efficiency in your delivery operations, if you have struggled to use routing software, or if you wish you could talk to an expert about your challenges, this webinar is for you. 

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In this webinar, you’ll learn how to increase efficiency in your routing and delivery software and operations.  Whether you are currently using spreadsheets and cell phones or basic routing packages, there are opportunities to gain efficiencies in logistics using HERE technology with the following advantages:

  •  Build schedules based on truck capacity, driver availability, and required delivery times.
  • Automatically recalculate routes when deliveries are disrupted by traffic, delays, and schedule changes.
  • Leverage vehicle specific roadway restrictions and traffic data to improve navigation and ETA.
  • Improve communication between office staff, customers, and drivers.
  • Integrate routing and delivery with other logistics-related systems including load management, brokering, dispatch, driver performance, maintenance, and payroll.

HERE Technologies has some of the world’s most detailed transportation data (hundreds of roadway characteristics and condition variables) built specifically for routing and last mile delivery operations. In this webinar,  experts will explain how you can use HERE route planning functions and data to save time and money.  

AppGeo (a Division of The Sanborn Map Company) is a specialist in helping companies improve their logistics solutions as well as creating custom applications for logistics.

AppGeo solutions are tailored to your preferred workflows and can be integrated with your back-office data and IT systems.