Past event4 May 23

Remarketing Expert Track


Starting: 4 May 23 - 14:00
Ending: 4 May 23 - 16:00

About the Remarketing Expert Track

Optimising the used vehicle customer journey in a changing world

The remarketing Expert Track is a 2 hour event deep diving on the actual supply and demand situation. The actors within the eco-system of international remarketing are faced with a diversity of questions which we intend to answer! 

At the Remarketing Forum in Dublin the transition from physical to digital was already a hot topic.

In the second Remarketing Expert Track we’ll zoom in on some of these changes as this gradual shift towards more online activities requires adaptations to various tools and systems. Not only the customer journey changes but also the ownership models.

A perfect occasion to discuss if second-hand lease is a route that will change the future and how subscription models are changing our remarketing eco-system. We’ll look at these both from the B2B and B2C angle

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2:00 pm CET

Welcome word and introduction of the Remarketing Expert Track, the topic and speakers of the day.
By Johan Verbois, Remarketing expert and moderator for Fleet Europe

2:05 - 2:30 pm CET
Are car dealers really set up for an omnichannel future?

Philip will share the key findings from Cox Automotive’s latest dealer insight report, Are car dealers really set up for an omnichannel future? The report analyses the findings from two complementary surveys: one to an extensive audience of UK car buying consumers and the second to a panel of UK-based franchised and
independent car dealers.
His presentation will include commentary on the depth and success of dealers’ digital retail activities and the expectations of today’s car buyers and will explore some of the ways car dealers are connecting the digital and physical worlds.
By Philip Nothard, Insight & Strategy at Director Cox Automotive


2:30 - 2:50pm CET
Increasing trust and confidence for the second hand BEV customer

Recent research shows that the BEV customer is not supported in the consumer journey being it online or offline. Guillaume will elaborate on where the industry is today and how the State of Health (SoH) of the battery can increase the resale value through third party certificates. We’ll discover the latest results of battery degradation and how we can manage this to secure the most optimal residual value.
By Guillaume Hebert, CEO Moba

2:50 - 3:15 pm CET
Cars2Exchange: a trade-in solution in a changing world

Agency model is just one of all the changes we face in the automotive industry but it is driving the need for a new solution for customers to get an offer and sell their used car before they buy or rent their next dream car. Cars2click has developed Cars2exchange. A white label online AI driven pricing solution based on the award winning GEOpricing. First out is Polestar exchange powered by Cars2click which will be launched in 23 European countries during 2023. In this presentation Brian Madsen will present how AÍ is used for pricing and damage recognition - a real game changing innovation.
By Brian Madsen, Director International at Cars2Click


3:15 - 3:50 pm CET
Panel of Experts: Q&A


Brian Madsen, Director International at Cars2Click

Guillaume Hebert, CEO Moba

Paweł Samczyk, COO Exacto

Philip Nothard, Insight & Strategy Director at Cox Automotive

3:50 - 4:00 pm CET