12 Jul 18

Uk slips by tiny margin in June

 As reported by market analyst Dataforce, the UK, failed to achieve three positive months in a row in June, but by an extremely small margin. True fleets finished just 0.03% in the red with just 29 registrations keeping them from that 3rd month in the black. The private market was also close with - 0.6%. Along with the other segments, this left the total market just short of 235,000 registrations for June.

Where brand performance is concerned, only two OEMs kept their places in the fleet ranking. VW was 1st once again and secured a positive month for the brand with one extra registration over June 2017. BMW in 2nd and Opel in 3rd both had exceptional months with almost exactly the same growth percentages, BMW + 46.15% and Opel + 46.13% but the Bavarian manufacturer racked up an extra accolade, having their best quarter since Dataforce recordings began in 2004. Ford in 4th and Mercedes in 5th, unfortunately, were down on June 2017 but both brands had good individual performances from models, Ecosport for the former and GLC for the latter. Audi (6th) picked up a place over last June’s ranking. Nissan and Toyota (the other non-mover inside the top 10). Kia in 9th and Peugeot in 10th complete the rankings with the Korean brand up by 12.7% and 2 places thanks largely to the Niro and Stonic.

Authored by: Tim Harrup