9 Feb 18

Renault joins EV charging project in southern Europe

Groupe Renault has joined the E-VIA FLEX-E consortium, the first high-power EV charging network in Southern Europe. The network aims to reduce charging times and promote long-distance travel across Europe in new-generation electric cars.

The project will start at the end of this year, with the inauguration of eight high-power EV charging stations in Italy, two in France and four in Spain. The network will comprise stations with a capacity between 150 and 350 kW outside major cities, along motorways and expressways. 

Renault's partners in the E-VIA FLEX-E project include ENEL, Nissan, EDF, Enedis, Verbund and IBIL. The project is part of the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport programme, which provides targeted investment in transport infrastructure to boost growth and competitiveness. CEF will fund half of the project’s total budget of €6.9 million.

Renaul has already partnered with the Ultra-E and High Speed Electric Mobility Across Europe networks in northern Europe, composed of 25 and 158 charging stations respectively.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs