15 Jan 18

Russia bouncing back

Figures released by the Association of European Businesses (AEB) in Russia show that the country is on the way back in terms of new car sales. The downward slide had seemed unstoppable a couple of years ago – we were talking of substantial double digit decreases every month and the market eventually dropped by half – but now the position is totally different.

Sales of passenger cars and LCVs in 2017 were up by a healthy 12% over the previous year, to just under 1.6 million units.

Looking more closely at brand performance, figures on the AEB website show that local brand Lada remains in top spot, having sold over 311,000 units. This was an increase of 17% by Lada over the previous year, ahead of the overall market, and giving it a market share of 19.5%, also slightly up on the previous year.

Second in line in the Russian market was Kia with 182,000 units, followed by mother company Hyundai with 158,000. Renault and Toyota make up the top five.

With sales of 37,000 and 30,000 respectively, Mercedes-Benz and BMW prove that it is not only volume brands, but premium brands too, which attract Russian buyers.

(Image: Lada)

Authored by: Tim Harrup