2 Oct 18

BMW leads September registrations in Belgium

After a record breaking month of August, with 53% more registrations than during the same month last year, Belgian passenger car registrations were a lot lower this September than they were last year. With 27,145 new cars registered last month, compared to 40,895 in September last year, a backslide of 33,6% could be seen as a serious setback, but with a total of 455,722 registrations from January to September, the Belgian new car market is still clearly growing (+4,7% compared to the first nine months of 2017).


The reason for this decline in monthly registrations is to be found in the combination of the new homologation standard WLTP being effective as from September on the one hand, and a delay in the handling of registrations by the authorities during the first week of last month.


The light commercial vehicle market was stable, with a 0,5% drop in registrations, but heavier vehicles (+3,5 t) are seeing their registrations rise.


Looking at the different passenger car brands, German premium brand BMW registered 2,742 new cars last month, which is 13,17% less than last year, but enough to lead the market, with a 92 vehicle gap to the second in line, Peugeot, that registered 2,650 cars. Opel (2,531), Renault (2,487) and overall market leader Volkswagen (1,697) complete the top five.


BMW’s main competitor, Mercedes, was sixth (1,657 cars), followed by Volvo, Ford, Skoda and finally Toyota, completing the ten best selling brands in September.


The largest decline in registrations in September, compared to the same period last year, is found at Volkswagen and Audi. The 1,697 VW’s registered are 54,39% under last year’s volume of 3,721, and at Audi, only 611 cars were registered (fifteenth place in September), compared to no less than 2,509 last year, a 75,65% decrease.


Over the whole year, Volkswagen still leads the registration classification, with 44,474 new cars registered, which means a market share of 9,17% when you relate that to the total number of 455,722 new cars registered up till September.

In the total classification, month leader BMW is in fourth place (32,157 cars), preceded by number two Renault (41,816) and bronze medallist Peugeot (35,320). Other premium brands Mercedes and Audi are in fifth and seventh place (28,946 and 25,461), with Opel just in between (27,904).


Top 10 September 2018 – Belgium (passenger cars)


Rank Brand Registrations Market Share
1) BMW 2742 10,10%
2)  Peugeot 2650 9,76%
3) Opel 2531 9,32%
4) Renault 2487 9,16%
5) Volkswagen 1.697 6,25%
6)  Mercedes 1657 6,10%
7) Volvo 1656 6,10%
8) Ford 1431 5,27%
9) Skoda 1417 5,22%
10) Toyota 1027 3,78%

Total market September: 27,145



Source: Febiac

Picture Source: BMW Press site





Authored by: Stijn Blanckaert