21 Oct 16

The all-new Toyota C-HR: Made for your fleet drivers, made for your TCO

The European corporate sales market is more and more steered by the SUV and Cross-over segment. In recent years, the segment has almost tripled its share of the fleet market. With the extended model offer more and more user-chooser car policies are putting SUVs and Cross-over models in the car lists. With success.

And although the model offer might grow, as a fleet manager your main focus is TCO optimisation with CO2 a major factor in your calculations. So if you are looking for a 'green', fuel-friendly, comfortable, good-looking and fun to drive newcomer, the all-new Toyota C-HR is the answer.

The Toyota C-HR comes equipped with an engine range designed to deliver the fluent, engaging driving behaviour your drivers are looking for. That quality finds its most powerful expression in the full hybrid version of the C-HR, a range-topping vehicle that is unique in its segment, its advanced characteristics guaranteeing a smooth, jolt-free ride. Fitted with the latest-generation hybrid power plant, the C-HR generates CO2 emissions as low as 82 g/km – a figure unrivalled within its segment – and boasts a combined fuel consumption of only 3.5 l/100 km.

Toyota has fashioned the all-new C-HR to present distinctive styling that blends dynamism and sensuality. The C-HR is a breath of fresh air in the C Cross-over segment.

Watch the Virtual Fleet Launch to find out more about the new Toyota C-HR and its fleet characteristics, with expertise from Dave Cussell, General Manager Fleet, Leasing & Network and Stephane Denis, Fleet Senior Manager, both from Toyota Motor Europe.



Authored by: Steven Schoefs