25 Oct 17

Audi launches online sales for used cars

Audi is launching an online platform for customers to buy used Audis, from the comfort of their own home (or anywhere else) and whenever they want.

With this proprietary platform, Audi says it is the first automotive brand to offer a complete digital used-car solution to dealers, combining purchase, payment options, registration and individual delivery.  

The Audi Approved :plus vehicles can be delivered throughout Germany at the time and place chosen by the customer, who can conclude their transaction completely online - on their computer or even their smartphone. 

If they are in need of financing, a credit check, loan decision and finance agreement can be completed in real time online. Customers can even arrange to have the Audi partner register the vehicle with their desired license plate. All cars are covered by the Audi Approved :plus five-year warranty. 

Following the end of a pilot phase, with around 70 partners, it is expected that another 200 Audi dealers will join this new sales channel by early 2018. The new online sales can be accessed via participating dealers’ websites and the central Audi used-car exchange www.audi-gwplus.de. 

Image: Audi

Authored by: Frank Jacobs