14 May 19

Edward Kulperger (Geotab) keynote speaker at Connected Fleets Conference

Edward Kulperger, Vice President Europe at Geotab, has been confirmed as keynote speaker at the two-day Connected Fleets Conference in Brussels. Mr Kulperger will deliver the opening speech this Wednesday evening on The Way Connectivity Will Benefit our Future

No, the internet was not the greatest technological quantum leap forward of your lifetime. At least not if you stick around for a few more years: then we’ll have the Internet of Things (IoT), which is both an elaboration and an escalation of the ‘old’ web’s network of connected computers. 

Telematics solutions
The IoT will connect everything. Your fridge will be online, as will be perhaps your dog’s collar, and certainly your car. Everything that’s connected will produce data, provide insight, and be remotely controlled. And it’s already here, today. 

As a senior executive for Geotab, one of the world’s leading providers of telematics solutions for tracking and managing cars and fleets, Mr Kulperger (pictured) is acutely aware of the challenges and promises of the era of connectivity that’s now beginning.

Major development
Consequently, his will be a high-level presentation that underlines increasingly central part connectivity is playing in our economy. The keynote address will not just focus on where we are, but also on where we’re going with this major development in our society. 

Organised by Fleet Europe, the very first Connected Fleet Conference (tagline: Understanding, buying and implementing technology for your fleet) is completely sold out – an indication that fleet professionals are keenly aware of the importance of the topic and eager to learn more about it. 

Added-value insights
That is exactly what the Connected Fleet Conference offers. The event focuses on mobility management enablers, data-driven insurance and technological innovations. It offers both disruptive and added-value insights to generate efficiencies with vehicle fleets and mobility programmes.

Learn more about the programme here. If you’re attending, click here to get the networking app. If you’re not attending, you can still stay up to date with this event: connect with Fleet Europe on Twitter and Facebook and search for the hashtag #ConnectedFleetsConference.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs