3 Nov 23

Elli expands its fleet charging software across Europe

Elli Fleet Charging Software

After a successful pilot in Germany, Volkswagen’s brand for e-mobility solutions Elli now expands its fleet charging service to other European countries. The software provides fleet managers with a deeper insight and more cost control over the charging operations of their electric vehicles.

Volkswagen Group's Elli introduces an innovative solution called 'Elli Fleet Charging' for electric vehicle fleets across Europe. This system offers companies in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Austria the ability to efficiently manage and optimise their electric fleets, ensuring cost-effective charging of vehicles using both private and public charging infrastructure.

Starting in April 2024, Elli Fleet Charging will also include at-work charging solutions, covering planning, installation, and maintenance for standard and fast-charging stations at company sites. After the aforementioned countries, the service will debut in additional European countries. Interested customers can test the new Elli software free of charge online.

“Integrated multi-national billing”

“Electric fleet management differs from classic fleet management because company car drivers aren’t just charging on the road”, says Giovanni Palazzo, Elli CEO. “Companies need a solution that has an integrated multi-national billing system that covers all types of charging cases, from the public fast charging station to the private home charger with a MID energy meter.”

Elli tested the charging software and its console with 650 fleet managers of selected German companies, deeming the pilot a success.

Image Source: Volkswagen

Authored by: Piet Andries