8 Jul 19

Fleetonomy helps Audi rebalance on-demand fleet

Audi completed a trial with Fleetonomy, an Israeli company specialised in fleet monitoring and management services.

Using data from Audi’s on-demand shared fleets in Germany and San Francisco, Fleetonomy was able to predict demand and move available vehicles to rebalance vehicle availability in real time.

“As the industry transforms, automotive manufacturers are expanding their role as providers of on-demand transportation services and are looking for efficient ways to manage their fleets according to dynamic demand and supply,” said Fleetnomy co-founder and CEO Israel Duanis, in a statement. “Fleetonomy provides unique fleet management solutions that help fleet operators automate, optimise and manage smart transportation services that meet current and future industry needs. We are very excited to have taken part in this project and are confident that Fleetonomy can positively influence overall efficiency, as well as enhance Audi’s smart transportation management capabilities in the future.”

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck