28 Jun 18

Future hybrids could be self-generating

Camcon's patented IVA engine

UK-based Camcon Automotive has developed a new camshaft-less engine that reduces emissions by 20%. 

CEO Danny Chapchal believes it’s possible to create an all-electric powertrain future for personal mobility without spending billions on a national charging infrastructure. 

It can be done faster and more efficiently using Intelligent Valve Actuation (IVA), a patented technology the company has developed in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). 

The new hybrid of the future

“By making engines smaller and more efficient they can become transportable electricity generators which sit in the car producing the electricity the car needs for propulsion and to top up the batteries when required, whilst being capable of deactivating when entering populated areas.” Chapchal explained.

The company is also backed by former Secretary of State for Employment, Trade and Industry Lord Young of Graffham. He said: “The future for personal mobility has to be electric but how that electricity is generated is where radical thinking like this is needed”. 

Authored by: Alison Pittaway