6 Oct 21

GENIVI Alliance rebrands as COVESA to focus on connected vehicle systems

COVESA Alliance shifts focus on connected vehicle technologies.

GENIVI Alliance, developing open standards and software for in-vehicle systems for 12 years, announced an organizational rebranding to Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA) with a shift of focus towards connected vehicle systems. 

COVESA aims to provide solutions to the most critical issues faced by automakers and provide new open-source automotive software solutions in areas such as in-vehicle, on-edge and in-cloud services, interfaces and data exchange. 

Developing the car of the future

The new vision of COVESA includes expanding the scope of open standards and innovative technologies to create a more diverse, sustainable and integrated mobility ecosystem. 

Under the new brand, COVESA will continue expanding upon GENIVI's services and wants to motivate members to contribute more projects to the open-source platform. These projects will range from data monetization to cyber security, as COVESA says it will provide the essential collaboration to help to create the software-based car of the future. 

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen