5 Apr 23

Half of car fleets don’t monitor driver behaviour

Half of car fleets don’t monitor driver behaviour

While almost three quarters (73%) of LCV fleets monitor their drivers’ behaviour, the same is true for barely half (52%) of car fleets, a UK survey by the Fleet200 Strategy Network finds. 

This despite the “relative ease” with which fleet operators can install telematics in their cars and vans, Fleet200 says. The crucial element is driver acceptance of telematics, which is considerably lower for cars than for LCVs.

The survey also found a remarkable discrepancy between telematics in public-sector car fleets (60%) versus private-sector ones (52%). This is probably due to public-sector car fleets consisting less of benefit cars than private-sector car fleets, and more of tool vehicles. 

The situation is reversed for LCV fleets, with 76% of private-sector van fleets using telematics, versus just 44% in the public sector. Larger van fleets (>500 LCVs) are more likely (85%) to use telematics than medium-sized ones (58%), with 101-500 LCVs. Curiously, a higher share (68%) of smaller fleets (<100 LCVs) did use telematics.

Almost half (47%) of LCV fleets surveyed used on-board cameras to monitor driver behaviour (56% in the public sector, 45% in the private sector). Just over a quarter (26%) of car fleets did the same (30% in the public sector, 27% in the private sector).  

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs