8 Nov 19

Halve your glass replacement costs

A new device could help fleets repair more and replace fewer windscreens, saving 50% on glass costs.

The cost of windscreen replacement is soaring due to the proliferation of ADAS monitors and sensors in and around windscreens. This is also increasing the time required to replace windscreen glass. The independent insurance industry expert Thatcham calculates that windscreen replacement costs are rising by 5% to 10% per year, yet 60% of these replacements could be avoided with a timely repair (and repairs are five to 10 times cheaper and quicker than glass replacement).

The start-up, Jack, is aiming to help fleets convert windscreen replacements into repairs via its new windscreen-mounted device, which fits behind the rearview mirror. The device detects when objects impact on glass and uses cloud-based algorithms to diagnose whether the impacts are likely to have damaged the glass. If the system suspects damage has occurred, it sends real time notifications automatically to fleet departments. Jack could prove particularly cost effective for rental and car share fleets where no driver takes individual responsibility for a vehicle.

The device itself is self-powered via photovoltaic cells, and takes just 30 seconds to install - no wiring is required, and it can easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle.

Jack is a subsidiary of glass giant AGC Automotive, which supplies about a quarter of all new car windscreens globally.

At the Fleet Europe Summit, Nicolas Chorine, Start-up Enabler, AGC Automotive (pictured above), said: “We have four to five pilots running in Europe, and we are inviting fleets to evaluate the savings potential. You could save up to 50% on your glass maintenance expenses.”


Authored by: Jonathan Manning