11 Jan 23

How to know the availability at every charging point in the world

The Prediction Feature maps availability at any charging point in the world

With its Prediction Feature map content provider Here Technologies launches a data service that could significantly impact downtime for fleets at public charging points.

As the EV share grows, the infrastructure follows in a catch-up race. Quadrupling the charging point network by 2025 and boosting availability is poised to become a major challenge for fleets in Europe and worldwide.

After Tesla, which informs its drivers on the availability of its Supercharger network through its propriety infotainment system, Here Technologies has developed a similar service called Prediction Feature. Its machine-learning model connects 34 million vehicles - not all BEVs, but PHEVs charge publicly as well - and gathers data on driving and charging patterns, mating real-world user demand with available charging points.

Saving on downtime

The service can also inform when a charging spot will be accessible and covers 90% of all charging points around the globe in a bid to establish more comfortable planning for electric car users.

For fleets, the Prediction Feature can bring about cost savings and enhance downtime by:

  • Reducing the likelihood of long unplanned charging stopovers.
  • Provide more visibility on where fleet drivers can charge by supplying the location of all global charging points.
  • Matching the electric car with the right specification of the charger.
  • Guiding fleet drivers to available charging points or informing them of waiting times.
  • Informing on prices if disclosed by the charging point operator.

As an overall benefit, this predictive model helps solve range anxiety, which still remains a psychological barrier for many fleet drivers making the switch.

Though Here Technologies is co-owned by Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes and Mitsubishi, the EV Charge Points content is made available to all brands. It won’t be exclusive. “We’re proud to count nearly every automaker as a customer”, confirms Ronak Amin, Automotive product marketing manager for Here Technologies to Fleet Europe, “and also other content providers can use it.”

The Prediction Feature is currently under evaluation. It is expected to hit the market during the first half of 2023.

Image Source: Here Technologies  

Authored by: Piet Andries