4 Oct 22

idrive expands to Turkey and other new markets by partnering with Vera

idrive expands to Turkey and other new markets by partnering with Vera

Global video telematics and artificial intelligence (AI) provider idrive has announced a strategic partnership with Vera Research, expanding the reach of telematics services to new geographies and customers globally. 

Vera Research, an R&D company, based in İstanbul, will market and install idrive technology to new clients and its current customer base, including companies in the US, the UK, Austria and South Korea. Vera is the 65th country to join idrive's partner program, which seeks to enhance the reach of its fleet monitoring technology. 

The 100% in-house developed platform offers AI-based ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and document management systems (DMS), helping fleet managers significantly lower accidents, improve predictive maintenance, reduce fuel consumption and avoid theft and fraud. 

Vera defines the idrive technologies as a perfect match for the Turkish market, as they can easily replace the traditional navigational and safety systems at a low cost. Through Vera, idrive will deliver its solutions to more than 50,000 vehicles and new markets. 

Strategic partnership for global expansion is crucial for idrive as its partners can integrate services and products to the idrive platform through API (application programming interface). idrive has seen over 50% growth year-to-year, selling 100,000 fleet management systems and analysing more than 32 billion square kilometres of road camera footage. 

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen