10 May 16

New 2-hour in-car delivery service from Volvo

Volvo Cars is set to add a newchapter to the delivery world with the introduction a new service that promises In-car Delivery of your online shopping in under two hours. The collaboration with Swedish start-up urb-it will enable Volvo Cars to expand its In-car Delivery Service and provide a foundation for a new approach to delivery services, while re-imagining how we use our cars.

Björn Annwall, Senior Vice President Marketing Sales and Service at Volvo Car Group, explains: “We understand the value of the In-car Delivery service we have developed. We’ve all had phone calls at work from delivery people trying to deliver packages to our homes that need to be signed for when there is no one home. With our In-car Delivery service we effectively turn your car into a delivery location and assign a one-time digital key to the delivery person, effectively eliminating delivery failure”.

In practice, urb-it’s real-time delivery service ensures you get the item you have ordered within two hours of clicking the buy button on your smartphone. The Swedish start-up employs students and other part-time workers who get paid per delivery and uses geo-location and availability to choose your personal urber, as the delivery people are known.


Authored by: Tim Harrup