3 Nov 21

New Smartphone app to take the stress out of driver management

CBVC Vehicle Management's driver app

Fleet management provider CBVC Vehicle Management has launched a fleet driver app that, when loaded onto a driver’s smartphone, connects them through touch dial to contacts relevant for their particular car. This can include: accident management, breakdown assistance, glass replacement, service and maintenance and a 24/7 driver helpline.

Every fleet manager understands the frustration of constantly receiving calls from drivers asking questions such as: “when’s my next service due?”, “who do I call for a replacement windscreen/breakdown assistance.....?” and so on.

James Riordan, Head of Fleet Sales at CBVC Vehicle Management, explains: “Our Driver App really is fleet management in the driver’s pocket. A considerable amount of  the administration associated with that vehicle is on the app’s dashboard along with the relevant emergency contact numbers.”

The Driver App pulls all relevant information into a simple dashboard ensuring each driver has information relevant to their particular vehicle, and the chosen funder of that vehicle. It also provides a digital duty-of-care Vehicle Inspection function, assisting drivers with spotting faults with their vehicle before they drive off. It enables daily and weekly audits for professional and commercial drivers and can be paid for via a minimal monthly payment – working out at under 7p per day for customers taking CBVC Fleet Management. 

Image courtesy of CBVC Vehicle Management

Authored by: Alison Pittaway