22 May 20

OCTO launches distancing and sanitation solutions for the ‘New Normal’

Telematics specialist OCTO is launching AroundMe and PurePlace, two solutions to help companies get back to business and achieve a ‘New Normal’ in the post-pandemic era. The solutions encourage self-distancing and thorough vehicle sanitation, respectively. 

OCTO AroundMe makes it easy to manage social distancing in both private and public spaces. The pocketable SmartTag sounds an alert when its carrier comes within two meters of another person carrying one. Because OCTO AroundMe stores all entry and exit information, it is well suited for crowd control and building capacity management in closed environments. 

OCTO PurePlace has been designed to protect drivers and passengers across corporate, rental, carsharing and taxi fleets. The solution consists of a purifier, a telematics device and an app. Non-invasive and safe for both people and vehicle interiors, it allows for the easy and effective sanitisation of vehicles, both during a trip (intermittently) and at the end of a journey (full sanitisation cycle). Before a trip, the app notifies both driver and passenger of the level of sanitisation of their vehicle. 

OCTO AroundMe is based on the company’s SmartTag technology, which uses Bluetooth and OCTO’s Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform. OCTO PurePlace uses nanotechnology developed by NASA to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi etcetera from both the air and surfaces. The apps for both solutions are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs