15 Apr 21

ProovStation partners with Michelin for automated vehicle inspections

The vehicle inspection solution provided by ProovStation is being enhanced with Michelin QuickScan, a technology to check tyre wear automatically and instantaneously with millimeter precision.

Not long ago, the typical manual car inspection took about 30 minutes. 10% of that time was dedicated to tyre inspection. Now, thanks to ProovStation and Michelin’s combined solutions, inspections can be reduced to less than a minute for the entire vehicle, including just a few seconds on the tyres. This also cuts the costs of these checks and increases their reliability.

Michelin is also contributing its experience in analysing tyre data using its artificial intelligence algorithms.

Michelin Quickscan works using a road-surface scanner that can be set up in under four hours, without any installation of electrical equipment. The magnetic scanner works in all weather conditions, for every type of tyre and vehicle, regardless of the brand. It does not need to be cleaned.

“With this shared global innovation, we can deliver unparalleled levels of quality, speed and unit cost with every inspection,” said Cédric Bernard, CEO, ProovStation.

ProovStation has also launched a new website to offer clients a better user experience.

Image copyright: ProovStation

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck