24 Oct 17

See Volvo demonstrate Sensus at Fleet Europe Forum

Want to see Volvo’s Sensus connectivity technology at work? Come to booth 28 in the Fleet Europe Village, during the Fleet Europe Forum (on 6 December at Estoril, Portugal).

Sensus is Volvo’s human-centric link with car technology, including connectivity, entertainment, navigation and car control systems. The aim of Sensus is to make driving with Volvos an even more enjoyable experience.  

To recreate a ‘live’ demonstration feel at the Fleet Europe Village, Volvo Cars engineers have built a portable pod, incorporating a pair of front seats and a dashboard. This setup will bring many features of the Sensus in-car technology to life. 

Visitors to booth 28 will be able to experience the On-Call service, the Sensus Navigation system (which includes a Park and Pay and local business/entertainment finder), smartphone integration and Volvo’s industry-leading voice and steering control system.

“We’ve performed lots of user-interface research in recent years to develop the least distracting driver control interface, while offering a user experience based on what people want and what makes their lives easier”, says Kay Saunders, Global Fleet Development manager at Volvo Cars. 

The Fleet Europe Forum and Fleet Europe Village (both on 6 December) are part of the Fleet Europe Summit (on 5 and 6 December) in Estoril, near Lisbon. Click here for more info and how to register.

Image: Volvo Cars

Authored by: Frank Jacobs