14 Feb 23

Targa Telematics connects BMW and MINI to its data stream

Targa Telematics connects BMW and MINI to its data stream

Targa Telematics has formed a strategic partnership with BMW and MINI, adding the data streams provided by the two automakers into its digital platform, completing another step towards ‘global data integration.’ 

As the telematics data provided by OEMs is vital in optimising fleets and paving the way to efficiency, Targa Telematics is pursuing the goal of gathering data from every automaker. Targa targets to improve the connected mobility services offered through its digital platform by simplifying the data integration and utilisation while integrating all OEM data, fully complying with GDPR. 

Targa Telematics is utilising the onboard devices installed by OEMs in the latest models by directly connecting the cars to its digital platform, significantly easing the process of providing connected mobility by bypassing after-market installation. Being of the connected mobility providers driving the utilisation of OEM data, Targa Telematics aims: 

  • Offering fleet managers and drivers more digital services,
  • Simplifying the provisioning process in vehicles. 

Noting the growing tendency of OEMs to open up their data with the third-parties specialised in connected technologies and telematics, Alberto Falcione, VP of Sales at Targa Telematics, said, “In this context, we are leveraging our proprietary ‘hardware agnostic’ platform, which can collect, integrate and analyse data from every car manufacturer and simplify telematics technology, thus reducing the impact of device installation.” 

Image: Targa Telematics

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen