20 Oct 21

Volvo releases OTA update to maximize EV range

Volvo releases OTA update.

Volvo has released a new Over the Air (OTA) update to improve range and efficiency in all of  its fully electric vehicles.

The update includes smart battery management, a preconditioning timer and a new Range Assistant application. 

The Range Assistant app provides drivers with an estimated range remaining on a trip and real-time energy consumption data. Released as beta, the app features a range optimizer that can automatically adjust the climate system to increase the EV's range. The update will first be available for XC40 Recharge at the end of October and will become standard for the upcoming C40 Recharge models. 

Polestar also released an OTA update 

Volvo's subsidiary Polestar also announced an OTA update to deliver the Range Assistant app to Polestar 2 BEV. The app reduces the demand for batteries through the Eco Climate feature. 

Additionally, the battery preconditioning OTA feature introduced in early 2021 now includes a Google Maps connection. When a  driver sets a public charging point as a destination, the battery will be preconditioned along the route for the fastest possible charge.

Image courtesy of Volvo.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen