29 Mar 22

Arval Connect: a new telematics solution with an iron-clad guarantee

Discover Arval Connect, the telematics solution that your fleet needs! The product is launched today with an iron-clad guarantee: if you’re not satisfied after six months, you get your money back – no questions asked. So, what makes Arval so confident that you’ll like it?

Fleet managers: you’re forgiven for thinking the news is out to get you. Rising inflation, delivery problems and skyrocketing energy prices have recently joined ongoing fleet management issues such as the need for flexible mobility and the drive towards electrification.

The solution? There is no magic wand. But there is… telematics. Which leads us to Arval Connect – a connected fleet management solution that makes the following promises:

  • Optimise your TCO. Telematics can help save up to 16% of your current fuel spend.
  • Improve your safety. Zooming in on driver behaviour can reduce accidents by 25%.
  • Increase your sustainability. On average, 30% of vehicles in any fleet can be electrified easily – thanks to telematics.

And how does Arval Connect do all that (and more)?

Firstly, Arval has been investing in telematics for ten years to develop its own solution with in-house expert teams. And today, about 30% of Arval’s vehicles are telematics-capable. The target for 2025 is 80%.

Secondly, that in-house solution has been specifically redesigned, by and for Arval clients. The interface is easy to navigate and focuses on what matters to customers.

Thirdly, crucially: Arval offers an integrated approach – leasing plus telematics, with one enhancing the other. For example: if Arval Connect shows your vehicles have a lower mileage than budgeted, contract terms can be adjusted in the client’s favour.  

And last but not least, Arval Connect comes in as many sizes as there are customers. Clients get tailor-made assistance that focuses on their needs. How could that not be what today’s fleet managers need? Arval, for its part, is convinced it is, hence the money-back guarantee.

Two distinct packages

Arval Connect is available in all Arval European markets, and in two distinct packages.

  • Essential Connect. A solution without geolocation, which allows fleets to make substantial savings and meet CSR targets.
  • Ultimate Connect. A solution with geolocation, especially useful to assign missions in real-time.

The distinction with respect to geolocation is more evidence of user input in crafting Arval Connect. Often for cultural reasons, geolocation is more accepted in some markets than others.

Of course, even if Ultimate Connect (with geolocation) is subscribed, the driver has the option to switch geolocation on and off.

Arval Connect is both tried and tested, and new and enhanced. And it will keep evolving. Later this year, Arval will launch a pilot that will provide a discount for insured lease vehicles if their driver achieves a top Arval Connect safety score.

As the solution matures, so will the advantages it offers to its subscribers. But already now, Arval Connect ideally can deliver a TCO savings of up to €830 per vehicle per year.

Interested to see how your fleet might fare? Why not try Arval Connect? You can always cancel after six months. Although Arval seems convinced that you won’t! For more information: Arval's website

Image: Arval Connect